Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Tree Toppers

"On one branch there hung little nets cut out of colored paper, and each net was filled with sugarplums; and among the other boughs gilded apples and walnuts were suspended, looking as though they had grown there, and little blue and white tapers were placed among the leaves. Dolls that looked for all the world like men—the Tree had never beheld such before—were seen among the foliage, and at the very top a large star of gold tinsel was fixed"....."The Fir Tree" by 
Hans Christian Andersen

    This may be the busiest holiday week, the countdown to Christmas  Day.  Chances are, you do not want to sit down at your computer reading a blog on the history of "Christmas Tree Toppers".  You'd rather be shopping, baking sugar cookies, wrapping gifts or getting out that last Christmas  Then, grab a cup of joe, tea or hot toddy.  This blog is short and very sweet.  It may bring back some childhood memories.....

Busy Christmas!
Tree toppers!  I don't know about you but tree toppers have always fascinated me, more so than the ornaments.  Maybe it's because what you top your tree with, says how you feel about Christmas.

This vintage Santa tree topper is from the 1940's  (for sale at Sammie Davies Vintage Online)

Another 1940's Santa Tree Topper for sale @

I adore this Santa topper.  This little gem would make me switch from a star to a Santa in a flash,

     People who top their trees with Santa seem to have a "jollier" ho,ho, ho attitude about Christmas.  They have the magical, gift giving, razzle dazzle attitude about Christmas.

Rather Majestic, wouldn't you say?

Illuminated tree toppers became popular in the United States after WWll.  This one is by Noma.
The Bette Milder Angel
People who top their trees with angels love the warmth, the comfort, the sweetness and purity of Christmas.

This Christmas Star is an oldie!  My grandparents had one similar.  For sale at

Also sold at hydroponics, this is a sixties version of the Christmas Star.  Whirling and twirling like the color wheel for the aluminum Christmas tree.

An elongated hand blown glass star.  This is the type of star that adorned our tree when I was a child.  Sold at sevenbc Etsy store.

As a child, I always thought of the Christmas star as being this huge neon arrow high in the sky pointing the way to the new baby Jesus.

Attention Wise Men!

So maybe people who prefer the star as a Christmas tree topper,  think of Christmas as hope.  They like the ideal of being shown the way.... "hey, over here".... yet sometimes in uncertainty, walk by faith.  The Christmas Star, the symbol of "Peace on Earth, Goodwill Towards Men".

"O' Holy Night"

Let's end this blog with a little fun.  Did any of you have an aluminum Christmas tree?  We borrowed one from neighbors.  Yes, borrowed.  Our neighbors were going away for the Christmas season and thought we might like to use their aluminum tree.  It didn't smell, it looked strange and the novelty only lasted one evening.  The next Christmas, we were gleefully back at the tree farm in Oceano, the shiny tree a distant memory.

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