Saturday, September 20, 2014

Robin's Egg Frames with Gold Accents - Yes!

I was tired of the "ho-hum" dark brown picture frames I had hanging in my hall way.  Time for a new coat of paint.  I painted the frames with a container of sample paint I had mixed at Lowe's and added Plaster of Paris for a chalk paint effect.  For the gold accents, I used Amaco Rub'nBuff - Gold Leaf.  I love this stuff!  It's easy to apply and adheres to woods, metals and plastics.  As you can see, I'm rather sloppy when I paint, but I like the worn look.  I think this paint scheme would be beautiful on something larger and more ornate than my frames .... but until then, I'll enjoy my little gallery.  

This is the third time I have painted these frames. With no before pictures to show you, imagine these a dark chocolate brown ... uck!

When doing small jobs, most hardware stores offer sample paints for a few dollars. Pick a color and preferably a flat paint and have them mix it. 

I used my index finger to apply the gold leaf paint.  Just rub off any excess.

My little gallery

Friday, September 12, 2014

Hello September

For those who periodically shop at Gilded Palm on Etsy, the store will be closing until November 1. I will be revamping the store banner, taking new photos plus eliminating AND adding new merchandise. But, I can't neglect the Gilded Palm blog! This time of year is my favorite time of year. I'll have fall recipes and some crafts to share plus photos and quotes for inspiration and creativity.