Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pinterest Results .... Succulent Wreath and Sea Glass Effect

     I don't know about you but I am a Pinterest fanatic.  I believe I made this admission in an earlier blog posting.  No apologies, I love Pinterest.  Before I make my next statement, I should apologize to Country Living, Sunset and Romantic Homes magazines.... since Pinterest, I haven't open any decor magazines in months. On my Pinterest site, I have 85 boards covering topics of people, places and things that I love.  Another admission, I have over 5,000 pins and counting.  I have categorized my boards for my Tumblr blog (link above) and Ooh La La, Maui! for future use.  I also have boards for DIY projects and recipes for my own personal use.  But, as I was collecting all of these DIY projects and recipes, I asked myself "when are you going to do all of this stuff"?  My nature is to be a little lazy at times .... okay, I am a procrastinator.

     So, I came up with this brilliant ideal (I'm sure a million other bloggers are doing this) to do a craft, DYI project or recipe from Pinterest and share the results with you.  Not that I am a connoisseur of tasty food and home decor, but if you trust me just a smidge, I might save you a buck or two or keep you from wanting to pull your hair out by the roots.  I will try to stay in my "shabby charm and beach chic" state of mind, however, there are some household DIY tips I am chomping at the bit to share. 

I know, this cookie sheet is disgusting.  I know longer use it for baking cookies (my friends and family let out a big sigh).  I saw on Pinterest a solution that is suppose to remove this crud.  Thank goodness I am not the only one out there with yucky cookie sheets.  But anyway, wouldn't you like to see if there really is something that could clean a nightmare pan like this?  Me too!  Future project to share. 

Without further ado, let me introduce you to my succulent wreath, a "how to create" found on Pinterest by Better Homes and Gardens.  I know what you're thinking, "of course, this is fool proof....Better Homes and Gardens?".  I beg to differ!  I had to improvise to #1- save money and #2- make assembling  easier on myself.

The instructions say to cut your succulent pieces you will be using a day or two before assembly.  This allows a membrane to grow over the cut.  I have to admit, while putting my wreath together, I had to recut some of the stems shorter.  I am not too concern.  I always put fresh succulent cuttings directly into the soil for starter plants.

Here  are some of the items I purchased to assembly my wreath .... a bag of sheet moss, greening pins and a 12" wreath frame.

I laid out my sheet moss and filled it with moistened soil.  As you can see, I enclosed the moss by wrapping copper artist wire around the frame and the moss. (FYI...that's not a real dollar bill, it's part of the newspaper)

Finished .... now ready for the cuttings.

I used the greening pins like bobby pins, attaching the cuttings into the moss and soil.  I think you have to find your way with this step.  You want to make sure your cutting is secure and you may even need to use several greening pins for heavier cuttings or more delicate, smaller ones.  Sometime the pins poke through the back of the wreath as shown in the picture.  I used a chain nose plier to bend the pin under and/or over the wire frame.  If the pin was too long,  I cut it with a wire cutter.

Trying to create a pattern.....

It's looking pretty.....

Here are a few of my more delicate cuttings.


Here are all of the tools I ended up using.  You need a sharp knife to cut through the moss.
After a few days, my wreath is still looking happy and healthy!

Isn't BHG's wreath lovely?  Just below the photo is a link to "how to make a succulent wreath".  Let me tell you a few things I did differently.  BHG instructs to use moss secured with netting.  I thought the moss sheets with a bit of soil and wrapped with wire was much easier.  Having said that, this is my first succulent wreath I have made.  I will let you know how it holds up.  Do check out this link, there is lots of information I did not mention.  So, Pinterest pin "How to Make a Succulent Wreath", gets two thumbs up .... so far.

Thumbs down....this next project was  a sheer disappointment for me.  I love sea glass so when I saw a pin on Pinterest claiming I could create the illusion of sea glass, I was excited!
I think these pieces are beautiful, but they are not mine.  I found it almost impossible to create the smooth surface these candle stick holders have.  This link provide only scant instructions on how to do this DIY project but I thought I could wing it.  
This is my creation.  I love the color but not the streaks that were left behind after drying.  Beforehand, I thought streaking could be a problem so I used a sponge brush (Jen 1" Poly Brush).  I think I need to do some research and see if there are better instructions or maybe a tutorial on how to make ordinary glass, look like sea glass.

Off to make some liliko'i jelly.  No, this isn't a Pinterest project, just something I am craving.  
Liliko'i (passion fruit)

Lilko'i Jelly .... yum!


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  2. Thanks Conry! A friend of mine tried the BHG method and struggled with the moss and netting. I found this method much easier. Have fun making yours :)