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Going on Vacation - Below a Recipe for Æbleskiver and Links to My Favorite Central Coast Spots

I'm so excited!

I am going to California to visit my family.  

I do love, California.  This is where I was born and raised.  
Because I live on an island now, I have to fly.  No long good-bye kisses at the airport with my husband.  Everything is rush, rush!
I will probably need a cocktail by the time I get on the plane.
No, traveling is not as glamorous as it use to be. 

And, traversing the globe on a plane is like a flea hopping around on a dog.  It's hard to find direct flights.
I will miss my husband.  I will write him cards and letters to remind him that I wished he was with me.
He is so sentimental, he saves all my cards and letters.
One of my favorite things to do while on a road trip, is to put my feet on the dash.  Of course, I need a driver (my husband) to accomplish this feat.
I will visit some of my favorite spots while on the Central Coast.  Morro Bay to look at the Rock, watch the sea otters play in the waves and shop at the Shell Shop.
Then there's the charming little Danish town of Solvang for leather clogs and Æbleskiver.
Unfortunately, I will just miss the Remnants of the Past Vintage Show in San Luis Obispo being held at the Madonna Inn (had to highlight in pink).  But, SLO is a town not to be missed....besides, it's ranked the happiest town in the nation.  Seriously!

I may do some wine tasting in the valley outside of my hometown, Santa Maria.  Firestone, Rancho Sisquoc, Zaca Mesa Wineries to name a few.
And naturally, I will miss Ricki and Caleb my adorable labs.  But, my mother has two dogs.  Westie's named Baley and Molly.  Good Irish names.

I won't be able to blog while I am gone but will tell you of my adventure when I get back at the end of the month.  Hopefully I will have lots of photos of "new" vintage finds for the Etsy Shop.

Æbleskiver! Yummy with jam and a huge pot of tea.

Submitted By: Lisa G.
 (you will need an Æbleskiver pan)

Prep Time: 15 Minutes
Cook Time: 15 Minutes
Ready In: 30 Minutes
Servings: 30

"Aebleskiver"- a Danish dessert, like doughnut holes, but sweeter and much better traditionally served with glogg during the Advent. Cooked in a cast iron pan that resembles an egg poacher. Serve hot with syrup, jam or powdered sugar."

2 egg whites
2 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 tablespoon white sugar
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 egg yolks
4 tablespoons butter, melted
2 cups buttermilk
1 cup vegetable oil for frying

1. In a clean glass or metal bowl, beat the egg whites with an electric mixer until they can hold a stiff peak. Set aside.
2. Mix together the flour, baking powder, salt, baking soda, sugar, egg yolks, melted butter and buttermilk at one time and beat until smooth. Gently fold in the egg whites last.
3. Put about 1tablespoon of vegetable oil in the bottom of each aebleskiver pan cup and heat until hot. Pour in about 2 tablespoons of the batter into each cup. As soon as they get bubbly around the edge, turn them quickly (Danish cooks use a long knitting needle, but a fork will work). Continue cooking, turning the ball to keep it from burning.

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Happy Mother's Day!


I will protect you...                        

until you are grown...     
and then I will let you fly free

But loving you...  

  that is ALWAYS FOREVER!  Charlotte Gray


My mother and her seven children (that's me standing next to her in the pink shirt)

Mother, you will always have my heart

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