Monday, September 16, 2013

Thank You, Restore

I have been on the hunt for an armoire to put in my bedroom which sadly lacks closet space.  I wanted something to store jeans and sweaters, clothing I don't often wear here in Hawaii but definitely need when I travel.  Finding the armoire I had envisioned - something French Provencal - seemed like an impossibility as most people in this island chain I reside, love tropical or Indonesian decor.  What a delightful surprise when I walked through the spacious warehouse door belonging to Habitat for Humanities - rightfully named, "Restore" - and before my eyes, my armoire hunt had ended.  There she boldly stood in all of her 90's glory begging to be bought.

Look at the dovetailing in the drawers!

It took some convincing but with lots of oohs and ahhs, I was able to win my husband over (and his wallet) to purchase this solid wood beauty at only $125!

 After three coats of chalk paint (look for recipe in past postings) my French Provencal style armoire is almost complete.  I need to find pulls for the cabinet doors and line the drawers, then fini .....
Once we paint the bedroom walls .... still trying to decide on a subtle gold or grey/blue paint .... this beauty will pop!

I loved the original hardware and decided not to replace it. Unfortunately, one of the pulls for the doors was missing.  Hopefully on one of our excursions or travels, we will find the perfect "pull".  

Hope this inspires you to keep looking for your perfect treasure!

Monday, September 2, 2013

and .... hello, Fall (even though it's still really Summer)