Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pinterest Pin - Chalk Paint Recipe

Dear readers.  Here is a recipe for chalk paint.  If you are wondering what is chalk paint and why should you care, well....if you are considering painting furniture and/or home decor, chalk paint is versatile and fun to use.  Yes, fun!  Chalk paint can be used on just about any surface without much prep, if any.  The finish has a vintage look and distressing is a piece of cake.  The furniture pictured below were painted by moi AND without prepping.  No sanding or stripping.  I just cleaned my piece and went straight to painting.
I bought this little caned bottom chair from Salvation Army for $12.  It wasn't in the best shape so I decided to paint it. The wood was very bare and dry. 

I used a 7.8 oz. sample bottle of Valspar paint from Lowe's.  The color is called Desert Fortress in the Summer collection.  Because I had less paint then the recipe called for, I adjusted my plaster of paris and hot water to 1/4 cup each.  I let the paint set for 5 minutes because it seemed a "watery" at first.  F Y I, the yellow lab is my side kick, Ricki.

I love the matte finish of the chalk paint.  This chair would be very easy to distressed but right now, I am liking the unblemished surface.

This was a table that was already painted white and distressed.  For some reason, I was not loving the look.  Since I had some paint left, I pulled this table out of the house to my painting area.  I painted the top Desert Fortress and mixed a touch of blue paint I already had to get this gorgeous shade of sky blue.  The contrast and color screams "sea cottage".

This standing lamp was originally painted a hammered bronze.  It was a regrettable "I really need a lamp, now!" purchase from Lowe's many years back.  With no sanding or stripping, this lamp got a few coats of my chalk paint mixture and voila'.   Now, I love it! 
I think the finish of chalk paint is lovely.  
Finished and sitting pretty now in the bathroom!

So, this pin from Pinterest was a huge success.  I was in "chalk paint" madness state of mind, yesterday.  My husband was concerned I would be hauling out all of the furniture and painting it with chalk paint.  He even feared, if he stood still long enough, I would paint him too!  I have to confess, I have been looking around the house for what to paint next.  But in the meantime, off to try another Pinterest DIY.
Ready to use chalk paint -

From Annie Sloan website

If you haven't checked out last week's blog posting of ballerina's, please do.  Hopefully, it will make your heart soar.

Monday, July 16, 2012


A visual posting on one of my favorite subjects, Ballet and Ballerina's.
(for complete enjoyment, wait for music to start)

Edgar Degas Ballerina's

Beautiful pastels and vivid colors makes Degas' Ballerina's seem alive.

A rare Degas photo from 1895

A deep plie'


A last minute check...



Such grace....

and beauty

A swan...

Ballerina's Past

Marie Taglioni, the first ballerina to dance en pointe the distinct style of dance which characterizes ballet today.

Ana Pavlova

Margot Fonteyn
Toe Shoes

Memory Shoes

Vintage Toe Shoes

This is the grave of ballerina Marie Tagioni located at the Montmartre cemetery in Paris.  Young dancers leave their ballet slippers and flowers atop her marker to honor Marie's contribution.

Ballerina Love

Repetto - a French Maker of Ballet Slippers and Toe Shoes

Take a Bow


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