Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pinterest Pin - Chalk Paint Recipe

Dear readers.  Here is a recipe for chalk paint.  If you are wondering what is chalk paint and why should you care, well....if you are considering painting furniture and/or home decor, chalk paint is versatile and fun to use.  Yes, fun!  Chalk paint can be used on just about any surface without much prep, if any.  The finish has a vintage look and distressing is a piece of cake.  The furniture pictured below were painted by moi AND without prepping.  No sanding or stripping.  I just cleaned my piece and went straight to painting.
I bought this little caned bottom chair from Salvation Army for $12.  It wasn't in the best shape so I decided to paint it. The wood was very bare and dry. 

I used a 7.8 oz. sample bottle of Valspar paint from Lowe's.  The color is called Desert Fortress in the Summer collection.  Because I had less paint then the recipe called for, I adjusted my plaster of paris and hot water to 1/4 cup each.  I let the paint set for 5 minutes because it seemed a "watery" at first.  F Y I, the yellow lab is my side kick, Ricki.

I love the matte finish of the chalk paint.  This chair would be very easy to distressed but right now, I am liking the unblemished surface.

This was a table that was already painted white and distressed.  For some reason, I was not loving the look.  Since I had some paint left, I pulled this table out of the house to my painting area.  I painted the top Desert Fortress and mixed a touch of blue paint I already had to get this gorgeous shade of sky blue.  The contrast and color screams "sea cottage".

This standing lamp was originally painted a hammered bronze.  It was a regrettable "I really need a lamp, now!" purchase from Lowe's many years back.  With no sanding or stripping, this lamp got a few coats of my chalk paint mixture and voila'.   Now, I love it! 
I think the finish of chalk paint is lovely.  
Finished and sitting pretty now in the bathroom!

So, this pin from Pinterest was a huge success.  I was in "chalk paint" madness state of mind, yesterday.  My husband was concerned I would be hauling out all of the furniture and painting it with chalk paint.  He even feared, if he stood still long enough, I would paint him too!  I have to confess, I have been looking around the house for what to paint next.  But in the meantime, off to try another Pinterest DIY.
Ready to use chalk paint -

From Annie Sloan website

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