Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer Picnic

Because I live in Hawaii, my preferred choice of "outdoor" time is frolicking at the beach.  However, there is something so special about a picnic lunch, in a grassy meadow on a lazy afternoon.
Summertime begs us to be outdoors.....
where a picnic in an open field or wooded area,

(preferably by a body of water)
encourages us to unwind from our busy daily schedules. 

The more isolated and quiet your picnic spot....
the more able you are to hear the natural symphonic harmony that surrounds you.
Besides your picnic basket and blanket, make sure you bring books, a parasol and rent a canoe if possible.
Some may find solace in the coziness of a blanket thrown carelessly across a mattress of grass.....
and to lay on their back to watch the clouds slowly drift by.
Of course, if you bring your furry friend, you must be active!
And a child will gleefully keep you on your toes.
If you desire exercise, you can always dance!
But the key to a summer picnic, is to relax.

As the day comes to an end, make a toast to Mother Nature....

BUT WAIT!  Before darkness closes in, take time for a leisurely walk and listen to the the rattle of the leaves in the trees,
to the birds chattering amongst themselves 
and the subtle rush of the water as it glides across a path of rocks.
Finally, as the sun rays shoot through the clouds, trees and bushes
and the last bits of sun dances across the water

dip your toes in for a chilly embrace goodbye. 

All photos are from my Tumblr blog and are not my own.  Please contact me or go to my Tumblr account if you are interested in the original source.  

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