Friday, January 27, 2012

"Tea For Two" or one (for your listening pleasure, Frank Sinatra)

"MyDear, is this coffee or tea we have in our cups"?

     You got to give the English a round of applause for taking the time in their daily lives to enjoy a spot of tea.  I, myself, am not big on drinking tea but when I am traveling in the United Kingdom, I indulge in the ritual of "tea-time".  And when I say indulge, I have tea with scones, clotted cream and jam.  The pleasure is so burnt in my brain, I can feel my backside grow larger as I write this.  One last observation, tea just tastes better in croissants in France, pizza in Italy and Irish Coffee in Ireland.  My palate is so refined, no?

When we stay at the Kolele Lodge on the island of Lanai, we always make time to partake in "tea-time" held the library.  Not much left on those plates!

You can buy this lovely tea at Market Hall Foods online
So, I have had my ups and downs with tea, buying expensive ones like Mariage Freres in hopes the sticker shock would force me to drink it......

or cheaper teas that are suppose to be "good" for you

I gave up my quest to "enjoy" tea drinking and decide to collect teacups - the next best thing.  I had lots of lovely cups, Salisbury and Royal Standard Bone China from England and Noritake and Satsuma from Japan.  That is until one fateful day, with an accidental sweep of a wayward arm, many teacups came crashing down from their display and were shattered.  As I held a broken jagged piece of saucer to the sky, (in a dramatic form to put Scarlett O'Hara to shame), I swore to God I would not collect teacups ever again in my life.

Haviland Limoges, France  Circa 1930

Until I found this little beauty.....

George Jones and Sons, England Circa 1930 (sold)

and this one.  But!  Guess what?  They are all for sale and those that survived the calamity, at Ooh La La, Maui on Etsy.  Just click on the link above and voila! you will be transported to my shop.

Royal Bayreuth Germany U.S. Zone Circa 1940

"Made in Occupied Japan" Lusterware Circa 1940 (sold)

Lithophane Geisha Girl Circa 1940

You can see the image under a bright light

Hand Painted Satsuma, Japan Circa 1950

     So, whether it's for tea time with the girls or a special love one OR you're feeling rather regal ..... grab a charming teacup and sip away.

"Tea for Two" sung by Frank Sinatra

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