Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Favorite Accessory - Mon Chien (with a link to Maui Humane Society)

I know ... this is suppose to be a blog that muses in vintage collectibles and design.  But, as I was admiring my dog the other day, it occurred to me she matched my decor ~ neutral coloring (her fur coat), rich expresso browns (her eyes) with a touch of pink (her tongue).

So, what a silly thing to think.... hum?
Internet photo .... not mine.  Not sure who took it but merci!

Most anyone who has been to France knows, the dog is an essential part of a Frenchmen's life whether it is in the city, country or seaside village.  The chien (dog) is almost a fashion accessory in France especially in Paris where a women strutting along the Champs- Elysees accompanied by a tiny creature trotting quickly beside her is as common a sight as a corner cafe or dog poop on the side walk.  Le chien est un accessory de mode très chic.

So, why can't my Ricki be a fashion AND decor accessary?  
One of Ricki's favorite rooms is mine, the family room.  This is the room that houses a huge bookcase that covers most of the back wall.  It is  filled with books, old and new, vintage pieces, family photos and travel souvenirs.  This is also the spot in my house where I like to curl up on the couch and read.  Mon Dieu!  What is this?  Ricki is getting herself acquainted with "French Essence"?

I realize this photo has shown up on this blog and Face Book before but isn't she the cutest in my claw foot tub?  If it wasn't for her black accents and pink tongue, she would just blend in.

She compliments my new jute rug I bought for the kitchen.  My hope was she would find it uncomfortable and find somewhere else to lay.  P.S.  Don't tell her, Christmas is three weeks passed.  She loves her Santa Baby toy the most.    

As I was recuperating from surgery, Ricki insisted she would keep me company.  I wasn't too sure I wanted her on my bed.... I love my cotton Shabby Chic sheets by Rachel Ashwell.  But how could I resist that face?
No matter how much I dream, Ricki will never be a Shabby Chic dog.
She loves our living room notably, 

this koa wood couch from the 1950's.  
The living room is my husband's spot, a getaway from white decor, pink roses, sterling silver, faded velvet, an overstuffed couch, tattered vintage books and Masterpiece Theatre
I decorated his "room" in Hawaiian style with vintage Koa wood furniture and Polynesian
and Asian accents.
      Two days before Thanksgiving, my husband and I received a call from the Maui Humane Society.  They knew we were looking for a yellow lab after losing our beloved, Spencer, just before Christmas in 2010. They had an 8 year old female yellow lab who was left at the shelter by her owner and her name was Ricki.  It was love at first sight.  Ricki is such a sweet dog, I can't understand why someone would give her up but their loss has been our gain. She is a "love dog", a dog who loves to be loved. She enjoys curling her body around your legs then falling to the ground for a belly rub. She does a "happy dance" when she is excited and when you meet her for the first time, she'll bring you a gift....usually a rubber slipper (flip flops) she has found on the porch, a slimy tennis ball or her favorite stuffed toy.  My husband, Fletch, says Ricki is a gift from God.  I'd say, he's right.

This is truly what a dog is for ..... companionship and love.  Ricki, Fletch and Caleb strolling around an old Hawaiian fish pond near our home in Kihei.

link: The Maui Humane Society

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