Sunday, October 16, 2011

Leaving the Central Coast Behind

This is from my personal blog,  But, I so enjoyed putting this blog piece together and most  of the content features Remnants of the Past Vintage Show, I decided to copy and paste it to my shop blog.  Please check back later this week for lots more photos from the vintage show.  

Entrance to the Madonna Inn Show Ground

It's hard to believe that our trip is winding down and almost behind us. Fletch and I have only 3 more full days in the Golden State, a few days in Mendocino and one in San Francisco. Although this has been a short trip, it has been a memorable and fun vacation with family and a few old friends. We planned our time to coincide with the Remnants of the Past Vintage Show, this year being held at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, California.

My mother, Delores

Beautiful Displays

Fletch checking out the different vendors

Lots of white linens and pillows made of sack cloth

A lovely sewing kit

Velvet handmade pumpkins

My sister, Danielle and my niece, Jenny

Old bottles and a galvanized bucket make a cute fountain

My sister, Vicki

An antique aquarium

The family heading back to the car, carrying Danielle's chairs



Remnants of the Past's featured guest this year was the goddess of domestic bliss, cook book author and artist extraordinaire, Susan Branch. Because she has so many fans, I had to wait a VERY long time in a line of VERY restless women. I attempted to suppress my excitement as much as possible, watching each person or group approach her table. There were single women, women with friends, women with children and women with elderly mothers, most of them with stacks of Susan's cookbooks and calendars weighing heavily in their arms, each to be signed. Then there were photos to be taken, words to be exchanged, hugs to be given ...... it was torture. When it was finally my moment to approach the table, my heart fluttered with nervous excitement. I hovered over Susan, spitting out words of gratitude and honor as she signed my book. I quickly realized, Fletch was taking pictures. Turning to Fletch, I exclaimed .... "you should have warned me you were taking pictures, I would have corrected my posture ". With a hardy laugh, Susan agreed, so as we posed, he snapped another photo. Look at Susan with her "la de da" tip of hand, no wonder I adore her.

"I adore you, I have been your fan for years.  Can I be your new BFF"?
Ooh La La and a La De Da!

Just a photo,! (Susan Branch and ME)
I have been collecting Susan's cookbooks for almost 20 years and have been reading her "Willard's" and blog online for the past three. I wish we could be BFF's but BFF's take almost a lifetime to establish.

Brad and Alice, like family to me
Case in point, Brad and Alice Bisquera ....dear friends for almost 40 years!

Adele and I ... she is still so beautiful

This is Adele Pastore Miranda. We were joined at the hip in high school but lost touch over the years. She snuck up on me at the Remnants of the Past. I almost collapsed in her arms as we cried and hugged. It had been too long. How fitting, reuniting at a vintage show, Remnants of the Past. So, there dear readers are true BFF's.

But the best BFF ever, is my Dad, Clarence Grocott.

Gisela, Dad and I having dinner at the Brew House in Fresno

So, good-bye Central Coast, family and friends, until next time......


My very first Susan Branch Cookbook!  May I suggest the Chicken Enchiladas and the  Banana Cream Pie

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