Friday, March 9, 2012

The Happy Dance

Doing the Happy Dance

Each first Tuesday of the month, I play Bunco with a group of 11 other ladies.  The host of the month, prepares a meal and decides on the party gifts and the Grand Bunco Prize.  The GBP consists of 12 individual gifts chosen by the host.  This month's hostess, Carla G., asked us to bring a potted plant.  As each lady arrived and placed their potted plant on the gift table, "oohs and awes", spoken wishes of wanting to win grew louder and louder as the plant booty increased in size.  The winner of the Grand Bunco Prize is the person who has thrown the LAST Bunco of the night.  And the winner that night was .... moi!

Alas, the Happy Dance ......

Before I show you all of the plants I won, I want to share Carla's beautiful outdoor eating area with you.... it's magical.

(please excuse my grainy iPhone photos of Carla's backyard spread)

Carla set a simple but lovely table with decorative water glasses and pitchers.  The center piece was terra pots of wheat grass, recently sprung just in time for the party.  The netted fairy lights in the background brought about a soft and clamming glow for us 12 lucky ladies as we dined on a hearty vegetable soup, a dense nutty wheat bread and sipped pungent mouthfuls of lavender ice tea.

Carla bought two dark wooden chairs at a used furniture store and gave them a second life.  Using a white wash to give them a shabby charm, she then re-covered the padded seat and back rest in a blue gray fabric.

Mis-matched chairs around this distressed farm table only added to the allure of the sea blues and shabby whites
Her original ideal was to put tongue and groove paneling under the awning that covers the outdoor dining area.  She instead settled on a woven matting to tie in the island feel.

Now on to my Bunco Plant Booty.....

Succulents in a pint sized galvanized tub ... perfect for my studio window which gets lots of sun in the morning

A purple Hyacinth that I nestled in a footed mercury glass dish. This bloom gives off a powerful fragrant scent.

From one of my "shell loving"  friends - a stag horn fern in a whitewashed terra cotta pot adorned with tiny white shells

An easy project to sweeten up an ordinary pot.

After the rain has stopped, these herbs will be planted in the garden.

I can never have enough lavender in my garden.  It grows so well in Kihei.  

Not sure what this leggy beauty is but it reminds me of blue ginger.  And what's that?  A tiny succulent as an added prize.

This one seems like it would fare better indoors.  A peperomia from Kula Nursery.  The antler looking spines are the flower.

These will also be planted when the rain subsides.  I thought my fern garden could use a little pop of color.  These will be perfect.
Except when I have to brag about my GBP!

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