Sunday, April 15, 2012

Vintage, Moi! An April Birthday

Today is my birthday ......

okay, I will......

I'll Put on a Party Dress

And Wait for My Bouquet of Roses
Maybe there will be a Birthday Picnic

With Beautiful Birthday Cupcakes that Look like Roses

While I am Dreaming.... How About a Baby Blue Box from Tiffany's

and Pastel Colored Balloons

A trip to Paris to celebrate another year older?
A Beautiful Car to Pick Me Up at the Airport

With all of my Matching Vintage Luggage
For a Birthday Dinner, Pink Champagne with some French Cuisine and Fireworks in My Honor
And Then a Long Soak in a Rose Laden Tub

A Girl Can Dream, Can't She .... No Matter Her Age?
it's good to fly high.......

All photos and videos were collected from Tumblr.  Contact me for original sources or go to


  1. Lovely blog you have and Happy Birthday!

  2. Thank you Sparklegem for the compliment and birthday wishes. I didn't go celebrate in Paris but it was still a lovely birthday.