Friday, May 4, 2012

Cloche to My Heart ....

It use to be, when you heard the word cloche, you thought of those darling hats so popular during the 1920's.  Now, the word cloche is ever so present in the world of home decor.

My husband bought me this cloche for my birthday 

I am working on a Mother's Day theme

A vintage tea cup and a photo of my grandmother, mother and moi in her arms

From displaying favorite treasures or food......

 cloches  are also used for climate control in gardening.

Did you know cloche is French for "bell"?  

Maybe one of these cloches will inspire you

A display depicting nature


1920's Vintage French Cloches

Printemps in all it's glory!

The Marie Antoinette display ... sorry, couldn't resist

Here's a cloche at work protecting fragile plants during a frost.


Simple but charming

I love this tiny cloche

Cloches with attitude

I plan to display shells, starfish and sea glass in mine this summer

The color of these cloches remind me of the ocean

Ooh La La, Maui!                                                     
A Fairy Light

All photos with the exception of those listed, are not mine.  I have thoughtfully gathered these photos from Pinterest, Tumblr and Goggle searches.  If you would like the original source, please contact me or go to my Tumblr or Pinterest accounts for links.  
  The cloches are all so enchanting, I couldn't help think how beautiful a fairy would be enclosed in one.  Of course, Tinker Bell wouldn't like that at all.                                                                        


  1. I love all the cloche displays! I'm definitely going to buy some now.

  2. Thank, Sparklegem! I really love mine. Hope these photos gave you some ideals.