Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sixty Years of Reign

     I have been so busy this week since returning home from my California trip, I have not had time for news and keeping up with world events.  I was totally oblivious this weekend was Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee.  Sixty years since she was crowned queen, June 2, 1952 to be exact.  Well!  Congratulations, Lizzie ..... I mean your Royal Highness!  Here's to you!

You captured the crown at a youthful age
and also the hearts of England and the world.   With your stoic, stiff upper-lip grace....

(and with a few stumbles along the way), you have managed to keep up with the "time's" in which you are living.
I love the way you are always carrying a purse on your arm.  You have shown us ladies, even the Queen needs to powder her nose and freshen up the lipstick every once and a while.

By the way, you look pretty in pink.

Now, go celebrate, dear style.  And for goodness sakes, have fun.  You deserve it!

All photos were taken from Tumblr and are not my own.  Please contact me for original source.

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