Friday, August 17, 2012

Shades of Pink

     Let's harken back to a time when forbidden love in a romantic novel was descriptive just enough for the reader to imagine the unfolding of the interlude in a delicate and subtle way.  The stolen glance across a crystal and gold laden dining table, the tight embrace on the ball room floor, the delicate kiss on the back of the wrist in a 19th century New York horse drawn taxi .....

Novels like The Age of Innocence, The French Lieutenant's Woman and Madam Bovary give you just enough verbiage to make your heart quicken, your knees go weak and your face flush in 50 shades of pink. 

Most romantic novels take place in a lush estate or castle.
There are tight bodiced jeweled gowns,
sparkling chandeliers,
elegant table settings,

and lots of champagne.

There are secret walks in the garden
or down a deserted city street.

As the moment heightens, there is the biting of the lip ...
the loosening of the hair....

and unlacing of the shoes ....
But, her love is guarded and 

her virtue, not easily cast aside.

Her gown is hung in the closet

and her bouquet of flowers lay discarded on a velvet chair.

A farewell note and the token of love, returned.

She waits and longs for the day of a love that is true and pure.
one day .... some day

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