Saturday, August 10, 2013

Favorite Pins of the Week

I am admittedly a Pinterest "junkie".  I love visual whether it be in a book, movie, museum, nature or even a magazine.  Pinterest makes it so easy and convenient to put all of your visual loves in one place.  I decided to share a few of my favorite pins from this week's Pinterest pinning.  If you are interested in following me on Pinterest - there is a button on the side of this blog posting or a link above that will take you directly to moi.

Pinned on Makes Me Smile -

Pinned in Looking Back in Black and White u.k. google

Pinned in Femmes -

Pinned in Art - Van Gogh, Arles circa 1888 -

Pinned in Bed and Bath -
Pinned in Hommes -
Pinned to Reading List - This book has been sitting in my book case for years and I am finally reading it.  "The Olive Farm" finds itself in the genre of "expat buys old stone house and attempts to adjust (while refurbishing said stone house) to rural life in a foreign country".  Great read .... happy to have learned Carol Drinkwater has written more books about her Olive Farm.

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