Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Lazy Summer Morning

      It's a bright yellow morning here on Maui and yay!  I have a free day with no obligations with the exception of a "fit and tone" class late this afternoon.  So, I have started this day off with a strong cup of coffee and Jane Austen.  Doesn't seem to go hand n' hand.  Maybe I should have opted for a "spot of tea". Well, with book and coffee - outside I went to sit in the cool shade of my grapevine covered pergola.  The birds are chirping and butterflies are perusing the flowers as I am being transported back to 19th century England.

I want to read "the classics" in the next three years .... before I turn 60!

This beauty sits at my feet.  I love this geranium - tiny ruffled leaves with a firework display of purple flowers.  I bought it at Kula Nursery, upcountry Maui.  

     Back to reality! I have a watercolor class tomorrow and I am really behind on my painting.  I need to get going on this project or the teacher may scold me.  This is just a wash, the beginnings of what will hopefully be a nice painting of a Hawaiian church in Hana surrounded by Ti Leave plants.

I love to listen to French or French-like tunes (Pink Martini anyone?) on Pandora while I create.

I found some of my old drawings while sorting through my work.  I thought these were amusing because everyone seems to be sleeping.  Actually, the only one sleeping was my yellow lab, dearly departed Spencer.  The woman is looking down as she is reading and the Italian looking gentleman is being reflective.

     Next week, I plan on working on my Etsy shop Gilded Palm.  I am going to mark down some items that need to be sold and add some new things.  I'm planning on a whole new look and feel to the shop.  Maybe even a new shop banner.  Fingers crossed.....

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