Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cast Iron Skillets & Some Fun with Julia Child

Hum... the cast iron skillet!  So many uses from whipping up some buttermilk pancakes to baking dense chocolate cakes and to flakey crust pies.

$5 Deal

I recently watched a report on one of those news shows (it shall go unnamed because I can't quite remember which one) that focused on cast ironware, skillets in general. I guess they're all the rage now with those adventurous people honing their culinary skills. My first iron skillet was a wedding gift from my oldest sister. The skillet didn't really survive the test of time as I wasn't aware how to care for it. I know, I know .... pretty hard to kill a cast iron skillet. This little beauty pictured here was purchased at an estate sale a few years back. I did some research and was able to determine by the font and where it is placed on the bottom of the skillet, it was manufactured between 1924 to 1935. Thanks to Country Living magazine, I can provide you a link to clean not only your cast ironware but other items you frequently use in your kitchen. Bon Appétit!

And, if you'd like to check out the age of your cast ironware - check out http://www.castironcollector.comhttp://www.castironcollector.com

photo: Country Living


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