Friday, March 23, 2012

Collection Obsession

"The beginnings of things are small" - Cicero

My mother's souvenir spoon collection.  The Cairo spoon's font is so charming.

Yes indeed, beginnings are small...Cicero!  One only has to find that single small thing which captures their heart and it can become an collection obsession

Captured Hearts
Many crosses to bear

Past Protection

A Place in Time

A Cup of Tea

My obsession is perfume or cologne....

The scent.....

is not always as important as the look of the bottle... for me anyway.

You can always accessorize your plain bottles.....

some speak volumes of beauty all on their own

     you can group perfume bottles together for a collective  deep sigh ....ambers and golds, silver and cream....beautiful colors of the liquid itself.

Source: via Lili on Pinterest

    Many of my perfume bottles are used as house decor, mainly in the bed and bathroom

A lovely ideal.  A vintage lined box to hold bottles and flowers

I am parting with some of my collection.  Those below are now for sale at Ooh La La, Maui!

"Avon calling".... Unforgettable in a Eiffel Tower bottle $22

Dorothy Gray, Love Song circa 1950's $14

No. 4711 Eau De Cologne- from Cologne -  $20

   ~ Perfume Labels and Advertising ~

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