Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The French Macaron

Decisions, Decisions ...... 
     My goodness, pictures of these meringue-based confectionery - the French Macaron - are all over internet.  There are pictures of macarons in lovely springtime colors ... yellow, pinks, greens, blues...like a rainbow or a painter's palette.  

     They are photographed stacked, half eaten, next to large cups of coffee, in lovely bakery boxes and lined up like Easter eggs in boulangerie windows.  Unlike it's American cousin the coconut macaroon, the French Macaron (French spelling now, let's not get confused) consists of a buttercream, ganache or jam filling sandwiched between two, melt in your mouth, cookies.  Yum and yum!

Strawberry or Rose flavor?
Source: tumblr.com via Lili on Pinterest

Could these be lavender flavored macarons?

Soft pastel colors with touches of gold .... tres' chic!

The French version of the black and white cookie

Okay, these would be my favorites.  What girl wouldn't like chocolate macarons? Especially gifted in a sweet Paris tin.

Oh my!  Macarons have made their way into Mc Cafe .... also know as the French Mc Donalds

Laduree must be turning over in his grave .....

And another possible crime against the French Macaron..... just in time for Easter, macaron with the egg cream filling like a Cadbury Egg?
Heaven help the French Macaron

(pinterest and google search photos)

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