Friday, December 27, 2013

Resolution Lists

I love this time of year, the ending for a new beginning.  

Time to sparkle

For some reason as we draw close to the ending of the year, we begin to feel comfortable, even excited about shedding our old self with the hope of getting a new self.  To help begin this metamorphosis, some of us will carefully and thoughtfully draw up our New Year's Resolution list in hope it will guide us for a change in 2014 .... as if it were that easy.  In this current time we live in, with information and sharing literally at our fingertips - Pinterest and Tumblr are bursting at it's internet seams with helpful lists for the coming year.  Like the avid Pinterest-er I am, I "hearted" a few that I liked and decided to share them with you. 

I liked this "20 Things to Start Doing",  all fabulous ideals!  I started doing several today - I bought a case of water and went outside for a walk.  I know, I'm an overachiever.  So .... yes, there are 20 great suggestions listed here, although I'll have to add a few of my own.  Being a middle aged women and all .... 

1.  Do your Kegal exercises, for goodness sake!

2.  Put everything right back where you found it!

3.  You know those spots where you hide things, those secret spots you'll never forget but you do?  Well, designate ONE secret spot for small things and ONE secret spot for large things.

4.  Don't drink wine every night.  

5.  Pray everyday for glorious thick and white (grey) hair.  This spending $150 for highlights and a cut is getting waaay too costly!  Or, you may have to give up "wear clothes that make you happy".

     The suggestions on the two lists above, I dream (oh, "dreaming more" is on the list) of doing with more regularity.  However, if you look closely at these lists - take a good look now .... it requires a charmed life to achieve most of these suggestions.  A more practical list would look something like this :

1.  Try not to fall asleep when you are reading.

2.  Sleep deprivation?  Easy! Don't stay up late watching Inside Edition, reruns of Friends, The New Adventures of Old Christine or Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (thank goodness he'll be on earlier next year).  Close your eyes, count some sheep/blessings or if that doesn't work give up. Play Words With Friends on your iPad or Google "sleep deprivation".

3.  Get a job or two jobs so you can afford to travel more, live more and look more!  When you have free time, that is.

4.  Fun .... what is fun?  Discover what fun really is (maybe, fun is called enjoyed at my age).

5.  How in the world does one dream more?  I have a friend who never dreams.  Or maybe, yes possibly, day dream more.  Okay, I can do that .... I'm good at that.  I may have invented it.

This list is lover - ly .... isn't it?  I think this should be embedded in our brains. 

Take Small Steps Everyday .... this statement should be my daily mantra and only list.  Simple and easy to remember .... I like that.  Honestly, I know in my heart and soul what I need to change - I don't need a list to remind me.  But, there is something to be said about lists .... actually I should have mentioned making lists on my list.  Oh, well .... next year.


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