Monday, December 30, 2013

Thank You - PBS


Do you enjoy collecting recipes on Pinterest to try at a future date? I do too. Unfortunately, most of the recipes I have tried have been a flop. Yesterday I made Soba Coconut Noodles from a Pinterest pin that linked me up to a blog for the recipe. Not only were the noodles bland, they were the most frightening dish of food I had other seen - save a Chinese dinner I had in Berkeley where the duck was served with it's head still attached. Yes, I know that sounds like the Christmas meal from the movie "A Christmas Story". Anyway, my poor husband, the good guinea pig that he is, kept looking up from his bowl of noodles, making suggestions on how to jazz them up to try and give them more flavor. This is from a man whose only cooking skills are boiling hot dogs and opening a can of beans. Okay, okay .... he does know how to grill a mean steak. After last night's disastrous meal and a pledge to use only reliable sources for recipes, this morning I saw this post from PBS on Face Book. I'm sharing it with all of you foodies and Julia Child wanna-be's. Bon Appetite! 

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