Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A New Year's Eve Dream

     It's time to prepare yourself for the party of the year!

     Soft glowing fairy lights draped around a mirror to help set the mood for an opulent celebration!

     Only a sparkling dress adorned with crystals and golden beads will do....

                    and maybe some sequined ballerina flats.

     Tousled hair pulled up in a bun would not be complete without a satin bow or hair clip of rhinestones.

     Wear something delicate like pearls to showcase a bare neck.

          and now it is time for the celebration to begin!

     Every corner of the world will celebrate the dawn of the New Year with different foods and drink.

          I prefer cake and a glass of the finest Champagne.

     If we're going to dream .... let's dream big ..... let's be in Paris to ring in the New Year!

 Welcome 2014!

 God's Blessings to All in the Coming New Year -


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