Saturday, January 4, 2014

Looking at the Ocean

If this is true ..... I'm going to be a giddy and slimmer self this year.  One of my resolutions for 2014 is to take a walk on the beach everyday, weather permitting.  My first day out, January 2, the beach was crowded with kite surfers due to a gentle Kona wind.  I counted 28 colorful sails in the sky but I think there was much, much more  kite and wind surfers up and down the coast.  I got some pretty good photos with my smart phone and what's even more impressive was the fact I was shooting with a blind screen.  The day was overcast with an occasional burst of sunlight.  That combination plus the time of day kept the visual on my screen so dark, I couldn't see what I was photographing.  I just happily clicked away while Ricki, my rotund yellow lab, kept trying to get my attention by stepping out chest deep in the water looking for an invisible ball bobbing in the waves.  She's such an actress!

The Kalepolepo Beach was litter with sails, kite surfers, photographers and spectators like me!

Ricki was not impressed .... at all!

The sails were more vibrant against the dark and cloudy sky.

But every once and a while, the clouds would part allowing the sun to burst through like a heavenly being.

I hope every walk is as delightful as this....every little neuron in my brain could always use a happiness fix!

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