Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Liliko'i a.k.a. Passionfruit

My future daughter-in-law, Maile and I enjoy getting together periodically to make liliko'i (lily koi) or passionfruit jelly.  We both have huge vines growing in our yards which yields plenty of fruit for jelly making.  It's hard to get much juice from a single liliko'i fruit, so each drop is collected in freezer bags and stored for a future date.  This year I decided we should try and infuse some lavender in our jelly.  We experimented with different strengths of lavender and discovered the stronger, the better.  We're considering selling our jellies at a future date .... I'll keep you posted.  In the mean time, if you would like to try a jar - plain or with lavender - please leave a response in the comment section below.  Just in case you have never tasted liliko'i or passionfruit here's a link to a delightful and extremely easy passionfruit cream pie recipe.  I liked the shortbread crust but found it to be slightly too sweet ... which I might add is very strange comment coming from these sugar addicted lips.  For our New Year's Eve dessert, I made this pie, again, this time with a regular flour crust.  Make sure you use a baked crust if you decide to go this route.  I preferred this variation, topped with globs of freshly whipped cream ... yum!

Thanks to Hummingbird High cooking blog for this recipe.


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